Business Cycle Applications
Standard IV E. 4 & 5
4. Graphing a business cycle.
5. Describing how the major indicators of the business cycle relate to each other in each phase of the business cycle.


After identifying the 4 phases of the business cycle and understanding the macroeconomic data that corresponds with them, it's time to apply what you know. By looking at raw data, you should be able to identify both individual phases of the business cycle and overall trends. Remember, GDP is ultimately the determining factor in the phases of the business cycle. And as you review the data, you'll see that unemployment and inflation do not always behave exactly as expected.


  1. What are the quarterly phases of the business cycle based on raw macroeconomic data?
  2. When do expansion and recessions begin and end based on raw economic data?
  3. How do unemployment and inflation change as GDP changes?

Learning Activity

Application Assignment - Correlating data with the phases of the business cycle
Complete the following assignment and check your work afterwards with the key.



Remediation Checklist