Unit 6: Measurement of Economic Performance
What is a good economy? How is our current economic performance?
These are the big questions you will be able to answer after completing Unit VI , Macroeconomic Indicators. In this unit we begin with a general intro macroeconomic thinking and then proceed with our main goal of the unit: describing or characterizing economic performance. You will learn about the key indicators that economists use to evaluate economic performance. Our goal in preparing this unit is simple: equip you with the knowledge and skills to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the economy, rather than be dependent on somebody else to tell you whether things are going well or not. You'll receive economic data and will be asked to evaluate the meaning behind each number as well as synthesizing them into a "big picture" view of the economy.
(Note: This is the first unit of Macroeconomics. If you have not completed microeconomics, it is recommended you go back to Units 1-2 and complete these before moving on.)
Standard VI.A: Introduction to Macroeconomics
Standard VI.B: Gross Domestic Product

Standard VI.C: Inflation

Standard VID: Unemployment

Standard VIE: Fluctuations in Economic Performance

Unit Test Review